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“Peace and love 5”: Sterling silver

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Tribal art



UGS : Necklace African trade beads-8-2-1-1-1 Catégories : , ,


Tribal art

“Peace and love 5”: Sterling silver

Tribal art

Ethnic jewelry

Bijoux ethniques

African necklaces are first of all of the handicrafts. Due to the fact that they are made by hand. As material, we use products typical of the country, often simple and unexpected. Unexpected because elsewhere, there can be never thought of using some of these materials in the manufacture of necklace. We find different beads: plastic, glass, ebony, metal or terracotta. We add the Horn, ivory, the coconut, the os and also the warthog. The choice of the material always depends on the country or the tribe of origin. And as mentioned earlier, must have a meaning or a story. In some tribes of Africa, sometimes people use it to enlarge the neck because it’s tradition. In these cases, don’t ever remove it, otherwise the wearer could suffer a very serious risk. herefore, it is necessary to remember that knowing the origin and history of her necklace avoids certain difficulties. African necklaces are different depending on the country or the tribe of Africa they came from. There are for women as for men. There are several types of typically African necklaces. There is the “djembe” which are made of wood and decorated with goat skin. This isn’t, of course, the famous musical instrument known all under the same name, but this type of collar is supposed to give exactly the same influence, that is, bring harmony and well-being to the one wearing it. Then, we “cauri”, made of shell and serves as an object of divination. The person who puts this necklace is normally developing intuition and can then predict its future. Knowing in advance what’s going to happen to him in the future to him well prepared. And finally, we have the “grigri”, a talisman, or a kind of Voodoo amulet which has a power of protection to its wearer. It brings him luck and allows him to defeat the evil actions, as long as the evil and good are principle values in Africa.


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Tribal art


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